Diamonds were sand once


Launch your Startup with $0 in initial investments

Save $20,000/year on average in digital products & services


 Working with us is laid-back and easy, but the key word is work hard always. This said, we guarantee all of the initial steps for the creation of your Startup cost-free. It’s important to mention that we do not invest in apps.

*Our marketing contributions are optional and we only provide supplementary investments for ideas that we deem to be truly unique.


  • Complete Branding & Visual Identity
  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce Setup
  • Graphic Design
  • Printed Material at Supplier Price
  • Marketing Contributions*
  • Analytics Analysis & Reports
  • Creation & Direction of Social Medias
  • Business Advising


Partnership is something that we not only value, but also enjoy and above all we believe that enterpreneurship is the key to an independent and happier future. But we take our work very seriously, we believe in you and your idea but you need to prepare yourself to work VERY hard!

Because Startups present a profile of higher risk, from our experience we ask that you invest in your own marketing – it’s the best way for you to value our hard work and your own, as well as incentivize you not to give up so easily!


  • Idea
  • Budget for Digital Marketing
  • Business Plan
  • Long-term Vision
  • Customer Service
  • Management of Operations
  • Sales


Getting it right is much more a questions of how many times you’re able to get it wrong without giving up than it is about natural talent; luck and ease are always welcome, but they are not the cornerstone of our method.

The road to success is genrally the road that nobody takes, believe us. If it was easy, everyone would be rich. We believe, live and understand this, so working with us means adopting an invincible mental state, it means not seeing problems and obstacles, but challenges and solutions.

It means getting a taste for uncertainty, it means doing what nobody else does, it means doing the impossible. Being an enterpreneur is seeing a way out, helping your team to always overcome and never leaving anyone behind. We love the difficulty, it’s what stabilizes success and strengthens you. If you show us a rocky path, we will build a city from it.

Just because the path is hard doesn’t mean that we can’t face it with enjoyment, friendship and a laid-back atmosphere; happiness is a choice. So come join us with your endeavor!


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