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A businesswoman and stylist blogger decided not only to professionalize her brand but to also expand her store to the digital world. She came to us to develop the visual identity, market positioning, and entire ecommerce design and development. We are currently planning the marketing and publicity of her business and a future line of cosmetics.


A chain of healthy, gourmet cafeterias for educational institutes hired us to revamp their entire brand and visual identity, as well as design and develop a new website with a series of specific functionalities for their business, such as the ability to reload money on student’s loyalty cards and apply for such cards directly from the site.


We understand that the logo is not the brand – it’s only the entry point. The brand itself is shaped by many factors, the most important of these being public opinion. As designers, we can influence this opinion by creating a memorable logo and visual identity system that matches your company’s market position, mission and values.

After all, your brand isn’t the face of your business; it’s the soul. That’s why we take the time to discover those secret ingredients that make your company special before we even pick up a pencil.

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We were hired to design the branding and complete visual identity of a specialty, single-origin coffee shop in Bucharest, Romania. The mission was to capture a rustic and down-to-earth essence yet at the same time convey the premium quality of the blends. Our solution was a design that is both appealing to coffee newcomers, but also holds a special significance for those who are familiar with premium coffee.

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